3. Plettac Metrix

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PLETTAC METRIX is a revolutionary ring system, designed and produced with German engineering using the latest technologies, including 3D modelling, stress analysis software and state of the art manufacturing.  Being a fully NASC compliant and CISRS approved system; it exceeds all necessary British and European standards.

The system has many advantages over other ring based systems and, as the name suggests, is completely metric.  With bay lengths and breadths being divisible by one another, along with the system being completely tubular, PLETTAC METRIX is a highly adaptable modular system.

The Plettac rosette creates an incredibly strong and rigid joint, allowing up to 8 connections at various angles.

In addition, there is an exclusive optional Permanent Advanced Guardrail system which allows the scaffolders to work in complete safety from the level below, while complying fully with the NASC’s guidance note SG4.

Both of these unique features of the system lead to significant benefits, including reduced equipment levels, labour savings, decreased assembly times and improved safety.