2. Kwikstage

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We use the two most commonly used system scaffold in the UK, Kwikstage ( designed by GKN Kwikform ) and Scaflok ( which is a copy system of ” Cuplok / Cuplock “, designed by S.G.B.). Whilst each system is different, they are both based around a bay size of 8ft / 2.5m and 6ft / 1.8m with a width of 4ft / 1.3m.

Each system can be used in just about any application and is the safest option if you intend to erect the scaffolding yourself.

Scaflok is around 50% more expensive than Kwikstage, this is mainly due to Scaflok / Cuplok being galvanised and it holding its appearance/finish, whilst Kwikstage is painted when new, and becomes rusty when secondhand.

Kwikstage is by far the most common system used today, it is based around the same bay size as Scaflok / Cuplock but usually comes painted yellow. Kwikstage uses a “wedge” and “V-pressing” to locate and lock all components together.

Its speed of erection really reflects the overall price of a job and we advise this system to be used on most access solutions.