Webersil P

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The Webersil P System


The Webersil P is a solvent-free, water-based silcone resin emulsion paint (SREP) for masonry substrates.



  • Unique combination of high water repellency, high vapour permeability and low VOC
  • Resistant to blistering and peeling
  • Highly hydrophobic – water beading effect (see image insert) helps maintain a clean surface
  • Chemically bonds to masonry substrates due to nanoscale molecular structure
  • Resistant to algae and fungi growth
  • Vapour permeability and UV resistance independently tested
  • UV stable and resistant to acid rain ensures exceptional long-term durability and performance
  • Forms part of a number of approved insulation systems



Webersil P is available in a wide range of colours

Final colour selection must be made against an actual sample. We will not accept responsibility for colours chosen from any source other than an actual sample.


Please click on our colour range page for an idea of different colours we offer.


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